Garden Design in Hilton Head Island

Designing a beautiful and eye-catching garden takes time, effort and maintenance. Starting your garden design with a well-thought-out plan can help cut down on all of those things. Planning out your yard before getting to digging can create an aesthetically pleasing area that reflects the style of your home or business and provides you with years of enjoyment.

At Sun Star Landscaping LLC, our local garden planners can help you create the garden you’ve always wanted with our custom design plans and consultation.

For the best garden design in Hilton Head Island from the area’s most skilled landscaping contractors, call us. We are always ready to take on new projects, and we can’t wait to meet you and hear about your idea!

Garden Design Tips from Our Local Landscapers

When you need help planning and designing a new garden, come to Sun Star Landscaping LLC. Our many years in this field enable us to do a lot with a little. Even if your garden is in rough shape, it will look incredible by the time we are through with it.

Consider the factors that will affect how your garden will grow – sunlight, shade, drainage, water access, wind, climate, foot traffic – as well as the fine balance between lawn, shrubbery, flowers and vegetables. A landscape analysis from one of Sun Star Landscaping LLC’s garden planners considers these and other factors as an important first step in achieving your garden goals.

Once we have a good sense of the existing space that we will be designing, we will go to our drawing board and discuss all the possibilities for your garden until we decide on the optimal design., Your garden design plan won’t always be determined on the first try. We will go through a few drafts, explain our choices, and adjust until we land on the right design for your property and show it to you.

Ultimately, we are working on your design. If you do not like the garden design that we have come up with, we’d like to discuss what you dislike about the plan so that we can meet your expectations.

We know that planning a beautiful garden can be a daunting task. Contact us to make the most out of your garden architecture ideas.

Consult the photo gallery on our website to see the kind of work you can expect from our team. We are here to help you redesign your existing garden or help you with a totally new project.

Thorough Designs from Our Garden Planer

Before you decide what, you want your garden to look like, you need to figure out what you’re working with. We will provide an over-the-phone estimate about your idea when you first call us, and once we sit down for an in-depth consultation, you’ll have a better idea about the process and what the project will cost you. We start by drawing up a map of your space to include existing trees, shrubs and slopes. The more accurate your map is, the more thorough your garden design will be.

Our landscape designers locate areas with full shade and the most sun to best suit your plants. We map out places that are sheltered from harsh wind and that have the best soil in order to ensure your plants have a nurturing home in Hilton Head Island.

Customized Garden Design in Hilton Head Island

After our local landscapers map out your space with you and have a thorough understanding of what your yard holds, we figure out your needs and wants. We design your garden around a theme – are you looking for an organic vegetable garden, or maybe one with ponds and fish?

Maybe you want a garden to relax in, an outdoor room to host parties, or a place where your family can play. Whether you’re looking for a place to experiment with plants or something more low-maintenance, we consider your needs and desires to help you create a garden you’ll love.

It doesn’t matter what kind of garden you desire, if it is possible, Sun Star Landscaping LLC can help you do it. We encourage our clients to let their imaginations run wild during the design process because, as garden design professionals, it is our job to bring your vision to fruition.

We will re-work the design until everyone is satisfied with it and can clearly see the purpose of every decision made. We are always ready to get started on a new garden design project, so if you have an idea, reach out to get started.

Choosing Plants for Your Landscape Design

There are several things to consider when picking out the best plants for your garden, and our landscape designers make it easy for you. We consider your budget, your level of involvement with the plants, their aesthetics and their compatibility with your environment.

When choosing trees or shrubs, we consider their size at full maturity. Large plants can shade out other smaller shrubbery, so we make sure to recommend the best plants suitable to your garden architecture.

Experienced Garden Designers

In our day, we have helped many clients design the gardens of their dreams. In that time, we have learned the tricks of the trade that will help you get a better-looking result more quickly than you expected.

Our experience has taught us what and what not to do to ensure the gardens we design always look good. We work with the natural landscape to naturally emphasize the beauty of the garden and utilize many other placement tricks that will ensure the flowers in your garden live long, healthy lives perennially.

If that sounds like the kind of expertise you require for your garden design project, please get in touch with our team today, and we will guide you toward success.

Landscaping Features by the Best Landscape Design Company

Pergolas, decks and pathways can make your garden more usable and provide you with a space to admire all your hard work.

A spacious and comfortable sitting area is the perfect spot for you to relax in your yard. Our garden planners offer you a variety of deck plans using eco-friendly materials to help you make the most of your landscape design.

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