Landscape Construction in Okatie

Sun Star Landscaping LLC designs and builds commercial landscape projects that are appealing, low-maintenance and incorporate specialized practices to reduce our footprint on the planet.

Our combined design team includes landscape architects and local designers with experience in planning and building environmentally responsible commercial, industrial, retail, and condominium projects throughout Okatie.

We believe sustainable landscaping is about protecting and preserving our costly and limited resources, reducing waste and preventing air, water, and soil pollution. Our local landscapers are dedicated to creating a beautiful and environmentally-friendly space for your commercial needs.

Commercial Landscape Contractors to Suit Your Needs

Our passion for landscaping is clear. It’s our mission to provide our clients with a first-class design, installation and project management experience. We provide focused full-service landscaping solutions, specializing in front entrance and curb appeal.

We provide outdoor living spaces for your staff, residents and guests, along with custom patios, plantings and irrigation. Our property enhancement services include:

  • Plant and garden care packages
  • Fire and water installations
  • Garden rejuvenation
  • Horticultural care for mature trees and shrubs
  • Mulching
  • Seasonal color with annual planting, fertilizing and holiday styling

Landscape Construction for Tree Care Services in Okatie

Well-chosen tree selections are an important part of any commercial property. They enhance your environment, provide shade for your employees and guests, and can improve the value of your property.

Our professional tree care services will help maintain your trees and will help keep them vibrant and healthy. Our tree care services include:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Insect and disease control
  • Emergency services

Tree Pruning

Regular care and pruning will help keep your property’s trees healthy, as well as increase the safety of your plantings. Falling limbs and the damage they can cause are taken into consideration when choosing trees for your land.

Stump Removal

Our local landscapers are experts in urban forestry and can assist you with all of your tree removal needs. We properly remove trees to prevent damage to your property, your landscaping features and plant installations. We also provide stump grinding and disposal of the wood debris to complete the tree removal process as needed.

Insect and Disease Control

Call our specialists at the first signs of possible insect or disease issues. Our expert staff will evaluate your trees and shrubs for possible causes. We’ll also provide you with a report of any possible health concerns and provide available treatment options.

Sun Star Landscaping LLC: Commercial Landscape Construction Services You Can Trust

As a property manager, you deserve a commercial construction company that has a wide range of services and a staff with experience and talent.

Sun Star Landscaping LLC has the ability to provide you with total property care with professional local landscapers, plant health care experts, and a skilled staff who cares as much about your property as you do.

With a commitment to quality and a continuous pursuit of excellence, we create and maintain unique environments for our clients, ranging from municipalities and large corporations, to individual businesses in Okatie. Call us today to take advantage of our commercial construction services.